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Highest Quality

Enjoy HD quality sound and clear connection! Thanks to its sophisticated technologies, CallnSpeak provides the best quality experience for your cheap international calls.


Call from Any Device

Experience freedom when calling by CallnSpeak! Multiple ways to call: from your mobile using our free Android or iPhone App; from your PC using the Softphone or even quicker using the WebPhone.


Cheapest Call Rates

The more you call, the more you save! Thank to his agreements with the world biggest Telecommunication Carriers, CallnSpeak is able to offer to its customers the lowest rates in the VoIP market.


Call Pin Less

When you call using one of our access numbers, CallnSpeak system automatically recognizes you through your phone number avoiding the hassle in digit pin like most of the calling cards do.


CallnSpeak offers the best calling rates to some countries.
Our first goal is to make your communication with clear and high-quality voice connection at low rates.



fixed and mobile calls

Package cost: 5 USD

240 min (0.0208 USD/min)

Standard price: 0.023 USD/min



fixed and mobile calls

Package cost: 5 USD

80 mins (0.062 USD/min)

Standard price: 0.067 USD/min



mobile calls

Package cost: 5 USD

40 mins (0.124 USD/min)

Standard price: 0.132 USD/min


We always try to make CallnSpeak' services as much convenient as possible.
We would like to reward your registration with a special welcome gift !
Answer few questions after setting up your account and you’ll get $1 free bonus for your calls.


CallnSpeak supports a variety of different platforms, in order for you, in a confortable way, to use our service and to make cheap international calls ! Just check our rates, register, dowload your preferred app, call and speak with friends freely!

CallnSpeak for iOS

CallnSpeak for Android

CallnSpeak for  PC

CallnSpeak Web-version


We love to let our customers do the talking!

Cheapest Calling Cards

“. . . The rates are absolutely convenient, much cheaper than the phone companies and I can use it from my home phone, mobile phones or my pc.
No hidden fees and clear rates make it even more worthwhile. . . .This is the cheapest Calling Cards i’ve found”


Roberto Rastelli
Bologna, ITALY

Stay in touch with your family and friends all the time

“. . . CallnSpeak allows me to stay in touch with my family and my friends in a convenient and friendly way . They have a fantastic app for my mobile and when there is no internet, I just use their easy access numbers for which I just pay for the lowest international rates and best of all I don’t need to run around my city looking for a calling card because I have everything I need right at my fingertips. . . .”


Maria Russell
London, UK

Best Rates for Sri Lanka and Cambodia

“. . . CallnSpeak’s Calling Cards has given me an excellent call quality, a reliable service, and above all a user-friendly web experience.
I use CallnSpeak phone card to call all my customers in Sri Lanka and Cambodia and their rates are the best. . . .”


Manisha Silva
Mumbai, INDIA

Make every call pinless

“. . . the calling card that I’m using from CallnSpeak is just amazing ! With the pin number they provided me, my phone number is automatically identified, without the need to enter it every time and I can immediately call.
The quality is always perfect and there are no hidden fees or bad surprises. Due to the nature of my business I need to call a lot of different countries, that’s why among the great number of offers from Internet I chose CallnSpeak phone cards and I can surely affirm that they have the best rates out there! . . .”


Alexander Slobodsky
Orlando, FL

Simple as using any phone

“. . . Besides the quality of the voice in every call, the best thing is that the site is secure for all the transactions with my credit card or other payment methods like Paypal or Moneybookers.
What I like more is the wide variety of calling methods offered, as they provided me also an online phone to use from my pc. Customer Care Service is also good. There are no long waits that you normally expect from customer care. . . .”


Michael Johnson
Los Angeles, CA

Call Turkey and South East Asia at the lowest rates

“. . . I have been using CallnSpeak Calling Cards’ services for a while, mainly to call southeast Asia and Turkey and I have not found out a better deal on the market yet.
Many other companies that I have tried, do not give you what they promise especially about the real cost per second and other hidden charges.
With Call n Speak, I get what I pay for. Strongly recommended. . . .”


Mike Dalrymple

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