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Different ways to make international calls

Today, there are different ways to make international calls and in this post, we’ll speak about the most interesting options.
For example, in many countries where most people don’t have the possibility to call abroad from home, there are call shops.

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Prices and quality of calling cards

In our previous article, “The real meaning of calling cards”, we talked about how phone cards evolved in time. This time we will analyse the prices and quality of calling cards.
As we all know, you get what you pay for. So, high quality for a low price is a chimera. But many people still want to find cheap stuff in every possible way.

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Real meaning of calling card

Nowadays there is much talk of “calling cards” and it is possible to find on the web a lot of sites and blogs th at claim to offer you these cards at very low prices to call, practically nearly at zero cost to all destinations in the world, but actually today what is the real meaning of calling card and how does it work ?

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