Prices and Quality Of Calling Cards

In this article we will analyse the prices and quality of calling cards.

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Prices and quality of calling cards


Prices and quality of calling cards

In our previous article, “The real meaning of calling cards“, we talked about how phone cards evolved in time. This time, we will analyse the prices and quality of calling cards.

As we all know, you get what you pay for. So, high quality for a low price is a chimera. But many people still want to find cheap stuff in every possible way. Many psychologists think, though, that it’s dreamy idealists who tend to look for cheap things. Realistic people understand that “the stingy man pays the most”, as a famous proverb says. It works in all the spheres of human activities, so it’s true when we speak about calling cards too.

For example, many people working and living abroad use international phone cards to contact their family members or friends back home. Some expats work hard and make every penny count, so it’s understandable they don’t want to spend a lot. But when they come across cheap calling cards they often get disappointed right after the first call: the quality is very poor.

So what are the characteristics of a good international calls service? And how can we distinguish a good prepaid phone card from a bad one?

First of all, a good international calling card means good phone line quality. It really makes a difference when a provider uses major telecom carriers to connect calls. The best quality service is what all the customers in the world search for.

Second, fair price. When the price is too high, your wallet might not like it too much. But when the cost is too low, at the end of the day you lose time, patience and… money! Because the line quality is so bad that it seems time turned back and you’re in 1876 when the first telephone was invented 🙂

And the third thing that is very important when we speak of buying an international phone card is that it has no hidden fees. Because sometimes it can happen that you find a phone card with good quality at a low price, but then you have a bad surprise and you spend much more than you expected.

So let’s talk about hidden fees and charges some providers of calling cards might sneak on your phone bill. Some providers of international calls services have higher rates in peak hours. So you have to be careful, always look at the watch and call your friends or relatives only in non-peak hours, which is quite annoying.

Other hidden costs you can encounter when using international prepaid cards are connection charges, call termination fees and maintenance charges reducing your balance without you even making calls. Unfortunately, there are many unreliable providers on the market, so you need to choose your calling card provider very carefully. Reliable providers of international calls services should always keep pricing honest and simple.

This is exactly what we do in CallnSpeak, focusing better on giving you what you need. By the way, with our calling cards services, you won’t spend a dime for non-connected calls. Our international phone cards are ones that give you an excellent phone line quality and convenient rates for the countries you plan on calling.

Besides, CallnSpeak cards allow you to call your family or friends anytime you want – the price is always the same at any time of the day. Download our app and you will be surprised how easy to use it is! So choose what’s best for you! Enjoy good quality and save registering with CallnSpeak! Don’t waste your time and money trying to pay less for better quality. As another wise proverb says, “we’re not so rich to buy cheap stuff”.

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