Real Meaning of Calling Card

Let’s figure out what is the real meaning of a calling card in the XXI century

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Real meaning of calling card

Old Phone Card
Nowadays there is much talk of “calling cards” and it is possible to find on the web a lot of sites and blogs which seem to offer these cards at very low prices to call, practically nearly at zero cost to all destinations in the world, but actually today what is the real meaning of calling card and how does it work ?

The word calling card or phone card was initially referred to a plastic card created to substitute real cash to make phone calls from a public telephone. Afterwards, these cards, started a process of changes due to the evolution of telephony and they took a more focused direction towards long distance calls.

The reason for this, was mainly due to the fact that the big Telecom companies, were changing the way of calling for final users, lowering the rates of local calls, but still, leaving very high rates for the international calls. Therefore, the so-called prepaid phone cards or calling cards transformed themselves more and more in a kind of long distance cards, thanks also to the fact that many big carriers stopped in those years, their monopoly and opened the market to other small and medium size companies too.

New Phone Card

It is these companies, in fact, that gave a big boost to the market of these calling cards, as they started offering lower and more competitive rates for long distance calls. For many years and still, today, prepaid phone cards and cheap calling cards have been used to make these international calls, bypassing the existing provider.

The working method of these calling cards is very simple, first a user need to dial a local fixed number or a toll-free number and after
inserting a group of digits called Pin (scratched from the card), he can start his long distance call. Basically, this procedure allows transferring the call from the line of the existing provider (which would charge the calls with high rates) to the line of the company providing the card (which usually offer international routes at much lower costs). Lately, with the coming of the internet for the mass, calling cards have begun once again to take on a new look….”invisible”, or to be more precise, they become “virtual” calling cards. Indeed, many of these companies, to cut the costs of printing, of commercialization and with the help of t
he new technologies in telecommunications, started to offer these cards exclusively just on the internet.

After all, if we really think about it, why not ?

The principle remReal meaning of calling cardains the same: users need to register on an international calls service site like for example; they receive a personal pin, exactly as it was in the past with the ancient plastic card, and immediately after, calling a local number in their country and inserted their pin, they can start to make their international calls at much lower rates than their actual providers. …and there is much more ! The use of a virtual calling card today, involves a lot of advantages, that users before couldn’t even imagine when they were using the common plastic calling cards. To know more about these benefits read our next articles….

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